• Sling Shot

    $79.00 $49.99

    Master all of the positions!

    Experience an intense penetration and increased G-spot stimulation with the help of the SlingShot. Plush and padded cuffs and straps help you spread your partner's legs wide to gain full access. As a canvas for your love-style's work of art, the SlingShot helps create masterpieces night after night.  A comfortable, versatile, and sexy restraint system provides support, security and overall ease to all kinds of bound-up situations.  Use this as a bondage base for your other toys - a feather, a flogger, even a strap-on; the SlingShot makes it easier to explore his G-Spot, the prostate gland. 

    The SlingShot is also great for holding the man in place to receive great oral sex.  

    The harness cushions the neck against the cuffs' tension, while assisting with leverage and support in some of the more compromising positions. Adjusting the length of the leg tethers is simple, just tug the straps to shorten- the Sling Shot Position Master comes fully assembled so you can get started right away.

    To top things off, a black fabric mask is also included, it keeps sight out of the equation to heighten the other senses, putting the wearer into an exciting state of sensual anticipation.