• Fit Right Harness


    (With extender strap, fits 68" waist!)

    A user friendly, easily extended harness system designed for ultimate toy compatibility and comfortable, ultra secure wear, the King Cock Fit-Rite Harness is set to satisfy even the most exacting of strap-on players.

    Fitting nice and snug, hugging individual body contours to provide a perfect fit, the Fit-Rite features soft waist and thigh straps as well as a waistband extender for lots of sizing versatility. In soft faux-leather, all straps are able to be adjusted precisely to size.

    Holding tight to the desired dildo, vibe or probe, one of 3 included O-rings snaps to the yoke. Unlike some similar strap-on systems, the Fit-Rite's O-ring affixes from the outside, making things quicker and smoother in the heat of the moment. A quick tug on the straps tighten the yoke into place and to size. Fits up to a 68inch (173cm) waist using the extender strap. Spot clean.

    *Included rings fit most toy with a base of up to 2 inches (5.08cm) in diameter