• Body Boudoir Candle

    $21.99 $19.99

    AMAZING! Use for sensual massages of your lover or as a delicious moisturizer for yourself.

    Soy Massage Candles 
    *Ultimate Sensual Indulgence in Pheromone Boudoir Ambiance
    *Extravagant Alluring Fragrances Entice the Sensual Senses
    *Made with Natural Soy & Other Skin Conditioning Oils
    *Extravagant Formula Liquefies into Lavish Essential Oil for Body Massage
    *Infused with a Pheromone Sex Attractant…to Enhance Sex Appeal
    *E-Z Pour Design Tin for Ease of Use
    *Available in 3 Fragrances

    Forbidden Fruit
    A naughty fantasy of sweet nectarine & sun-ripened berries, aroused by flirty 
    florals of sweet pea & freesia. Lingering notes of nude musk blossom to embellish sexy desires
    Sweet Blush
    Sweetly provocative yet seductive in inspiration. A breath of blue violet & aphrodisiac floral petals splash into a blush of powdery white cedar illuminating sweet passsion

    Black Lace
    Sensually  intoxicating combination of Indian Jasmine, Mediterranean fig and cassis berries twist with a soft woods & a hint of chiffon musk to intrigue & mystify erotic desires