From Ms Jai ...

One day, over 15 years ago, I was dared to write an erotic poem. That set off a love affair with sensual stories. I traveled the world performing adult poetry, which led to conducting erotic writing workshops. These workshops transformed into Q & A's about the participant's intimate lives. Given my psychology background and interest in both women's empowerment and sexuality, I answered many questions and helped others with their relationships, including the ones with themselves. However, I was not a trained sex coach, so needed more education.  
During this time, I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE and lost everything! I was very sick, in constant pain and wheelchair bound for what I was told was the rest of my life. I'd never felt more unsexy and helpless in my life. With lots of work, soul searching and optimism, I rediscovered my power, femininity, libido, ability to walk and confidence.
After many workshops, lifestyle mentors and certifications in Sexual Empowerment coaching, I launched Ki.S.S.  At Kinky. Sexy. Smart., LLC, where we focus on individual issues. We are looking to solve your personal intimate problems. To that end, we created the Madison, Cinnamon and Eden lines. Take our Diva Quiz to see which level best suits you. Then discover the specialty curated product line and events tailored just for you!